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Gratitude 4 Grandparents in Media, PA

Gratitude 4 Grandparents helps support local Media, Pennsylvania grandparents who are raising grandchildren. G4G supports over 35 children, with the goal to help these grandparents who give their all, throughout the year. To learn about Gratitude 4 Grandparents mission, please enjoy our video and visit the G4G GoFundMe to donate!

Founder and President Rhea Kelsall was born in Philly and raised in Upper Darby and Aston, and then raised 3 children here in Media, PA, where she currently lives with her fiancé, raising 2 grandchildren. Since 2019, Gratitude 4 Grandparents has raised over $50k to directly benefit grandfamilies. Featured on PBS News Hour and in the New York Times, G4G is known for their work providing resources, support, and advocating for grandfamilies across the greater Media area.

When parents are unable to care for their children due to circumstances such as mental health, addiction, illness, or death, other family members often have to step up and step in. While the foster care system provides access to funds and other programs to support foster families, grandparents raising their own grandchildren don't have access to the same support as foster families do. In recent years, here in Pennsylvania over 90,000 grandparents reported being the primary caretakers of their grandchildren under the age of 18, which represents approximately 195,000 children. Grandparents who take in and raise their grandchildren deserve the same support as foster families, to help provide better outcomes for the grandchildren.

That's where Gratitude 4 Grandparents comes in. These grandparents make huge sacrifices to care for one or more of their grandchildren, and to ensure that the children are being raised by someone they know and trust, rather than entering the foster care system. There are many rewards, including that studies show children being raised by relatives experience better life outcomes. There are also many challenges facing grandfamilies; Grandparents who had dreams of "golden years" of retirement and travel are replacing that with so many responsibilities, activities, and expenses. Over 20% of these families are living below the poverty level. G4G helps grandparents raising grandchildren who are often in need of financial support, caretaking support, and even legal assistance, as well as mental and emotional support.

Whether it's food donations, shoe drives, helping get appliance repairs done and hotel stays for grandfamilies during emergency home repairs, or gifting everything from cleaning supplies to furniture to cars, Gratitude 4 Grandparents continues to find new ways to support grandparents raising grandchildren. From holiday events like Halloween costume swaps, the annual mothers day flower delivery sale, the annual winter holiday adopt-a-child for gifts and meals, to support groups and even rallies to raise awareness for grandfamilies, G4G is committed to improving the lives of grandfamilies across our neighborhoods.

This winter holiday season in Media, Pennsylvania, Gratitude 4 Grandparents is hoping you will consider donating to help a grandfamily. Some grandparents are raising their grandchildren solely on Social Security. With the shipping concerns this year, the need is for Target or Walmart gift cards or cash donations (to purchase gift cards). The gift cards will be helpful in alleviating the stress of shipping for donors. Any amount of donation is helpful and greatly appreciated. Cards or checks may be mailed to:

Gratitude 4 Grandparents

821 N. Olive St

Media, PA. 19093

If you are a grandfamily or know a grandfamily in need feel free to ask for help at



and connect with Gratitude 4 Grandparents on Facebook and Instagram

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The founder of this group and her boyfriend have been arrested for physically abusing her grandchildren.

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