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Tony Salloum – Meet the Founder of Live Love Locale

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Tony and Leen Salloum live in Media PA, Delaware County, and are the founders of Live Love Locale (Live Love Delco, Live Love Media, Live Love Phila, Live Love Chesco). It all started with Live Love Media which was brought to life to spread the word about a variety of local groups, organizations, and nonprofits. Tony’s goal was to address topics which are easily overlooked or tough to discuss, and help members of the community strengthen the bonds between them.

Meet the Founder of LiveLoveLocale, Tony Salloum FUEL Podcast

Parents of two young daughters who are growing up in Media, Delaware County, Tony and Leen Salloum are vibrant members of the community. The couple’s dream is to raise their children as part of a connected community, where people know each other’s success, and struggles.

Much of this passion comes as the result of experiences Tony lived growing up. Despite losing his father at a young age, growing up during a civil war, and dealing with extreme financial challenges, Tony has come to realize that he truly had a rich childhood; What was beautiful and powerful about his youth was the community that surrounded him.

Most importantly, Live Love Locale, Live Love Phila, Live Love Chesco, Live Love Delco, & Live Love Media showcase members of the community through their everyday experiences that draw them to live in and love their place of living across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Tony and Leen cherish the uniqueness of their town of Media, PA in Delaware County where their family lives, and actively support other local businesses, strengthened by their belief that life is about relationships and community.

Live Love Locale came from Tony and Leen's desire to help elevate local communities, by creating and highlighting ways for residents, non-profits, and volunteers to come together and grow deeper and stronger bonds.

From sharing local events and bringing awareness to local non-profits and causes, Live Love Locale represents the vibrant lives of residents across Philadelphia County, Chester County, Delaware County, and beyond.

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