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Pennsylvania Recovery Center, Based in Phoenixville, PA

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Pennsylvania Recovery Center is an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center. PAC is located in Delaware County, based out of Phoenixville, PA.

Recovery is more than just staying away from substances. We treat trauma, anxiety, depression, subsequently helping you learn the skills for long term recovery.

For more information on how we can help please call 610-233-4342 or visit Find us on Facebook @parecoverycenter.

We are always available 24/7 to help you develop a full care plan for an addiction or substance abuse problem.


Our mission is to provide inpatient & outpatient services. Importantly, we help with substance use disorder, and alcohol use disorder. Additionally, we also work with patients with mental health problems, who are also in recovery from addiction.


Our vision is that any addict or alcoholic can find relief. We want to bring you to a new way of life. We have the tools to help each client in our care build their life. But we know that recovery is a long process of gaining peace. Despite that, we will help you return to your families, happily and usefully whole.

We have seen major change during the process of recovery. Therefore, it’s our goal to show our clients the path to long term health. 

Meet Brandt Norton

Brandt is a survivor in long term recovery living in Delaware County. He has been working in addiction treatment for over 8 years. Brandt received his Bachelor’s in Political Science. He later found that helping people was his true goal. He has now held various jobs in addiction support. Through this, he has the insight to help anyone recover from this hopeless state.

Brandt Says: “I am honored and excited to serve the community. Especially by helping individuals & their families recover from the grips of addiction.”

We have special programs to meet the needs of everyone. All outpatient programs include full tests by psychiatrists, personal treatment plans, and evidence-based treatment. We also focus on group, private, and family therapy, medicine management, psycho-education groups, and therapies like yoga, art, and writing.

All of our treatments are based on facts. New research from academic medical centers and government agencies is always used. Outcomes decide what therapy is best for each patient. We can then lower symptoms and create real recovery. We have better patient engagement and overall success with our programs.

To learn more about the community of Delaware County, explore

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