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Interview with Media Fellowship House Executive Director Amy Komarnicki

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Live Love Media is proud to be highlighting a local non-profit organization that has been making a huge difference right here in town for the last 80 years, and continues to do so, the Media Fellowship House. Watch LLM founder Tony Salloum interviewing Executive Director, Amy Komarnicki!

The History of the Media Fellowship House

Media Fellowship House is known locally across Delaware County for their work promoting social justice, diversity, and economic empowerment. This organization was started in 1944 after local Media residences experienced and witnessed an incident of racial discrimination here in Media, PA. As a result, four women of different races came together to create change in the community. Soon, many local community members began to rally around their efforts, coming together to form inter-racial friendships and create programs right here in this area.

By 1953, Medians brought together their resources and finances to purchase and renovate the Fellowship House featured in this video. Over the last 8 decades since the Media Fellowship House was founded, members have facilitated conversations, organized coalitions, and created programs to support civil rights, women's rights, anti-war movements, disability rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, & more, with the goal to create understanding amidst differences.

The Media Fellowship House Today

Today, the Media Fellowship House's efforts primarily focus on fair housing, education, and racial & social justice advocacy work. MFH believes that fair housing and access to home ownership is a form of racial & social justice - and because of this, MFH runs two first-time home buyer programs for low to moderate income households. Many local residents have successfully gone through MFH's programs, benefiting from education, one-to-one counseling, and up to $14,000 in closing cost assistance (all made possible through partnerships with Delaware County and United Way)!

Media Fellowship House also runs a Youth Coalition, and holds an annual scholarship contest for Delaware County High School students. Through both of those initiatives, MFH encourages students to reflect on what they can do to take action against injustice, in order to build a stronger community. Additionally, MFH works with local youth to build a number of community services projects throughout the year.

In the next few months, Media Fellowship House's Dialogue Circle Program will be relaunched - This initiative identifies pertinent issues facing our communities, today. Local residents gather together in small group discussions, led by trained facilitators to create safe and welcoming spaces for people to talk, self-reflect on their identity, and build up their communication skills. Through this program, Media Fellowship House aims to build a more just and equitable society. Many people today think that our society and communities are more divided than ever, leading to an even greater need for action.

For those who want to learn more, stay informed, and get involved, there's work to be done to seek unity, share information, and take action. Visit Media Fellowship House's website, and sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date. Our community is stronger, and more beautiful, because of non-profits like Media Fellowship House. Thanks to all the members & volunteers of MFH for empowering community connections in Media, PA.


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