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Media, PA on the Travel Channel!

Media, PA is known as Everybody’s Hometown. This video, featured on the Travel Channel as part of the Financing the American Dream series hosted by Chris Swartz, highlights the beauty of our local area and community. Along with Live Love Media’s founder Tony Salloum, Chris explores downtown Media, PA and shows why people live, love, Media.

Starting off with a beautiful drone shot of State street, this video shows us exactly why Media is a great place to live. One of the most well known towns across the greater Philadelphia area, Media is not only an adorable location, it’s one of the hotspots of activity for people of all types across Delaware County.

Everyone comes out for the summer classic, Dining Under the Stars. This event is everyone’s favorite and is widely known across Delco as a perfect date night or spot to meet up for delicious food from local restaurants. During this event, State street is closed to traffic and becomes a pedestrian’s delight. The restaurants that line the street set their tables outside for all to enjoy the beautiful weather and atmosphere. Chris and Tony walk together down State street, along the tracks where Media’s classic trolley usually runs. As the founder of Live Love Media, as well as the team principal of the Affinity Real Estate Team (PA NJ DE) with Compass RE, Tony is very familiar with the different aspects of Media and he shares some of his intimate knowledge of Media with Chris.

The excitement and energy is strong with people of all ages and lifestyles coming together to enjoy this spectacular event. Tony mentions how Niche has named Media as one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, one of the founding states of the United States. It’s also not a surprise that Smart Assets ranked Media as the top sixth best place to retire nationwide!

Along with Dining Under the Stars, Tony mentions a number of favorite local attractions that draw people to Media from across Delaware County and beyond. Linvilla Orchards, Tyler Arboretum, Ridley Creek State Park (including over 2,600 acres), Rose Tree Park concerts, and so much more. Even with all of these amazing places to visit in Media the heart of what helps this community thrive are the nonprofits, volunteers, and community members who make a difference every day.

One local business that is committed to actively supporting the Media, PA community is Game on State. Tony and Chris head inside to check it out and learn more about how Game on State combines having fun with doing positive things right here in Media. Aimee Rubin welcomes everyone in to explain how Game on State is actually more than just an arcade. Game on State empowers the community by providing customized and supported employment for people with special needs.

To switch the focus to what people can do, rather than what they can’t do, Game on State creates employment opportunities for 20% of their workforce to be designated positions for those with disabilities or special needs.

These employees are welcome to come with a coach to help them complete tasks, and this program allows a strong partnership between a local business and the community they serve. After learning about this wonderful element behind Game on State, Tony and Chris play some games before heading back out to the street to finish up the episode during Dining Under the Stars.


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