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Hedgerow Theatre, America's Longest Serving Professional Repertory Theatre, Featuring Penelope Reed

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This video will walk you through some history on Hedgerow Theatre, and how you can get involved. Hedgerow Theatre is known across Delaware County and the Greater Philadelphia area as well as across the country, for being America's longest serving professional repertory theatre. If you haven’t already visited, we know you will after you watch this video.


Penelope Reed is the Director Emeritus at Hedgerow Theatre.

Penelope has dedicated more than 25 years to theatre and in 2017 she was honored by Theatre Philadelphia’s Barrymore Award for A Lifetime of Achievement for her service to Hedgerow Theatre Company, “The Mother of All Philadelphia theatre companies.

Her roots with Hedgerow stretch back into her youth. Along with her mother Janet Kelsey, Ms. Reed studied under Jasper Deeter, the founder of Hedgerow Theatre, in 1962, at the age of 17. Jared Reed, Penelope’s son has recently relocated to the area to make Hedgerow his home as an accomplished actor.

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