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Delco Ambassadors: Paul & Chrissy Murray

Live Love Delco features Paul & Chrissy Murray of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Paul and Chrissy Murray live in Swarthmore. Chrissy grew up in Chester County, and moved back to Delaware County about two years ago. Paul was born and raised in Brookhaven, and now lives in Swarthmore. Chrissy loves Delaware County, Pennsylvania because everything is so close, the city's close, there is farmland nearby, and she really enjoys the general location. Paul loves Delaware County because his roots are here, his family is in the area, and a good part of Chrissy's family as well. Paul & Chrissy are now raising a family of their own right here in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and they live, love Delco.

Live Love Delco empowers our communities by growing stronger and deeper bonds.


Swarthmore Borough was created in 1893. Originally developed as a commuter suburb and college town, the residential and business community began to thrive due to the access to good roads, and public transportation. Swarthmore is now known as the home of one of the top colleges for the liberal arts, in the country. Also featuring an award-winning public school district, Swarthmore's location remains key to the area's success. Right near the airport, interstate highways, and abounding with public transportation, Swarthmore is an idea place to live for those who value both residential character, and the strong sense of Delaware County community.

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