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Delco Ambassador: Erika Tambon

Live Love Delco features Erika Tambon of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Erika Tambon grew up in Glenolden and currently lives in Springfield. She loves living in Delaware County, Pennsylvania because it's convenient to get anywhere you're going. To Erika, it is so much more than just a place - it's a sense of community where any part of Delaware County feels like home.

Live Love Delco empowers our communities by growing stronger and deeper bonds.


Glenolden Borough was created in 1894, out of geographical area between Ridley and Darby Townships. The name, originally two words, came from the Glen Olden Mills. The owner of the mill, a man named Ephriam Ridgeway, named it for the pretty Glen and Olden, based on his mother's maiden name.

Two years later, the namesake mill which had been built by the Shipley Family in the 1750's, caught fire and burnt down to ruins. Hook Road, as known today, ran between the old mill and the millhouse as pictured below.


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