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Delco Ambassador: Hardwick Sexton

Live Love Delco features Hardwick Sexton of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Hardwick Sexton lives in the Haverford neighborhood of Delaware County. Hardwick loves Delaware County because of the wonderful businesses and restaurants. She also loves all of the wonderful parks of Delaware County, and enjoys that there are art centers all around the area, that offer great classes for both children and adults! Hardwick lives, loves Delco.

Live Love Delco empowers our communities by growing stronger and deeper bonds.


Haverford Township was established in 1982 by Welsh Quakers on land which had been bought from William Penn himself. This new home was named by the settlers after Haverfordwest, originally located in the United Kingdom, in Wales. There are many historic sites throughout the township, such as the Grange Estate, Nitre Hall located by Cobb's Creek, and Leedom Hall which was likely home to the founder of Haverford Mills, from 1688.

Present day Havertown includes 30+ parks and recreational fields along with various facilities like the Haverford Township Free Library, and the Haverford Township Skatium ice rink. Haverford Township is also known for the annual Haverford Music Festival. This all day, family friendly Music Festival happens each year, at the Oakmont Business District of Havertown . The tradition began in 2011 and by the next year in 2012, over 15,000 people attended to watch more than 30 bands across three different stages. The proceeds from the festival are used to fund community programs within the township for the benefit of Havertown residents.

Old Haverford Friends Meetinghouse
Photo & History via Haverford, Pennsylvania Wikipedia

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