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Transition Town Media: Building a More Resilient Future

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This video features Ellen Morfei, is a mediator and coach at Progressive Conflict Solutions. She has lived in Media, PA for over a decade and has been involved and contributed to the local community in many ways.

Ellen is part of Transition Town Media; an organization we are proud to highlight as their focus is to grow and support local events & groups that focus on creating a stronger future for the Media community.

What is Transition Town Media?

We are a group of neighbors and friends working to build a stronger, more resilient future for all of us in the Greater Media Area. Like you, we are concerned about the rising costs of living, climate change, access to healthy food and water, and living in a way that reduces our impact on the planet. We recognize that our government and institutions can’t adequately address all these concerns and that it is up to us, as a community, to strengthen our local economy and to keep ourselves and our families happy and healthy.’

If any of the following appeal to you, you’ll be into Transition!

  1. Supporting a sustainable local economy

  2. Recycling, up-cycling and restoring

  3. Living simply and having low or no debt

  4. Reducing energy costs and using renewable energy

  5. Forming closer connections with your neighbors

  6. Learning the skills your grandparents knew

  7. Cooking from scratch

  8. Using healthy local foods, or growing your own

  9. Social justice and fairness

  10. Preserving our natural environment

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