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Seven Stones Store and Gallery, with HeartSpace

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Meet Denise Yocco of Seven Stones in Media, PA.

“There’s so many traditions in this store that are represented, and we can live together like that.” – Denise

Seven Stones is located in the heart of Media, PA, a 20 minute drive from center city Philadelphia, but upon entering you may feel as if you have been suddenly transported to a gallery in New Mexico. Beginning with a burning of sage and sweetgrass as a blessing for the day, the shop and all who enter, Seven Stones strives to represent the Native American culture through their life, work and traditions.

The shop offers an extensive selection of both traditional and contemporary jewelry, pottery, art and native crafts including a large array of Zuni hand carved fetishes. Seven Stones also features many Native American musical artists with a large selection of albums. Handmade native flutes and drums for the musician in all of us are always well stocked. Seven Stones is an authorized dealer of Ariat, American West and Lakota Design.

Seven Stones can be found online at and and Like Seven Stones on Facebook @SevenStonesMediaStore Follow on Instagram @7StonesHeartSpace

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