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Local Artist Scott’s Mini Woodshop, Studio Media Woodworking

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Scott Wishart is the Media, PA artist behind Scott’s Mini Woodshop, Studio Media Woodworking. Just outside of Media, PA, Scott does all his work in a small space the size of a one car garage. Creating handcrafted items one at a time from varieties of local hardwoods as well as some exotics, Scott has been known to make a range of pieces from custom boxes, to pens, bottle openers, even pepper grinders and golf putters. He has experience with many types of woodworking, and lately has been mainly focused on turning projects on a lathe. Scott works with area arborists to “treecycle” wood into his sculptural creations. He shares videos of his processes and products on his Instagram, @ScottsMiniWoodshop, which has grown quickly within the past few years.

Scott began posting occasionally in the spring of 2016, and started sharing his first videos a year afterwards. Around 85 weeks ago in April of 2018, Scott shared a video - his first to get over 1,000 views, two months later his account had grown to almost 500 followers.

By September, his followers doubled to over 1,000 and to thank his supporters, Scott held a giveaway using funds from his personal woodworking budget.

That same month, one of his videos hit nearly 15,000 views and November would bring Scott to 2,000 followers; In his humble gratitude Scott held another giveaway, this time to win one of his ultra-popular Star Wars themed resin hybrid spheres. By the end of the month, it was becoming common to see many of Scott’s videos reaching up to 30,000 views.

The growth continued exponentially, until by the beginning of December a video went viral and hit over 120,000 views. From there Scott continued to earn a steady stream of viewers, building his audience to 6,000 followers by January. This spring, Scott attended the Artisan’s Summit in Las Vegas, where he got the chance to meet Carl Jacobson, who Scott has described as his “…inspiration to get into woodturning,”.

Later that month, he released a video which was seen by almost 350,000 people, including the process of making a burl and resin hybrid pen.

Scott regularly promotes other woodworkers on his Instagram account, using his platform to share the work of his peers. His page has now grown to approximately 74.9 thousand followers, yet he remains excited to share his work with the world. While he wasn’t born and raised in Media, PA, Scott has become part of the town both through his family, and through his celebration of the area’s natural resources in his creations.

You can find him on Instagram and Facebook @ScottsMiniWoodshop

Please contact the artist directly for more information, studio tours available by appointment only.

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