As LiveLoveMedia is committed to promoting the Media community, we understand that many organizers are choosing to suspend all programming until further notice. Any event on this calendar is subject to potential cancellation so please check with the organizers about the status before planning to attend.

LiveLoveMedia supports following all recommendations made by the CDC as well as federal and local health officials, in relation of public events to current health safety. LiveLoveMedia does not encourage attending public events while sick or showing symptoms.

With the diversity of events in Media PA, there’s something here for everyone! This is part of what brings residents and visitors together to experience the magic of Everybody’s Hometown. Enjoy a mix of year-round local activities, and seasonal holiday festivals and celebrations. LiveLoveMedia’s calendar of events is updated daily to showcase our vibrant and interactive community resources. Find an amazing variety of opportunities to connect with others, have fun, and make a difference in Media PA. Explore and discover the charming heart of Greater Philadelphia. 19063 is the perfect home for singles, couples, families, & everyone in between!

Discover Events in Media, PA

Representatives of local organizations who’d like an event featured, please contact LiveLoveMedia’s calendar of events in Media PA focuses primarily on unique events with elements of community involvement within the 19063 zip code. Free events are preferred, we also feature paid events held by non-profit organizations as well as paid events held by profit organizations with a cause. 

LiveLoveMedia’s calendar does not generally feature Clubs, Set Classes, Story Times, and other reoccurring events. For more info about our calendar or any local events, please Get in Touch. To ensure accuracy of events, please check with organizers for any changes. All information on this website is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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