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Implement before Handing In Your Essay - 2022 Guide

Essay writing is a task of utmost importance in academic and professional fields like essay writing service as well. Most of the research conducted within the educational degree or as an independent or professional worker needs to be reported in the form of an essay and published for readers to access the work conducted in the research process.

Each of the steps of the writing process including researching, reviewing, analyzing, experimentation, prewriting, post writing has its importance. Following things must be kept in mind and reanalyzed in the final essay before it is being submitted to the instructor or a publisher. A student or a researcher who asks someone else to write my essay and help in the submission must read this article as it will help them in successfully completing the process of submitting the essay or paper.

Proofread your final draft

Proofreading is an important part of essay writing. An essay that has not been proofread once it is completed is often found full of many small and minute grammatical, spelling, ordering, and punctuation mark mistakes, these mistakes could be easily removed from the essay if it has been proofread even once.

Some common mistakes that are gotten rid of as a result of proofreading and final editing include grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, faulty sentence structures, syntax errors. Wrong capitalization, erroneous punctuation, wrong vocabulary, and writing style.

In proofreading, one must check for the typos, and spellings, then check whether each of the sentences flows correctly, or are there any run-on sentences. Are the language and vocabulary used easily to understand and comprehend? Is the final draft free of grammatical inconsistencies? Also, check for ambiguities and vagueness of the essay and edit where necessary.

Recheck your references

Referencing is an integral part of an essay and research paper. An accomplished essay writer not only writes the essay but also backs the information through authentic pieces of evidence and adds an entry into the reference list for each of the sources used to gather the information.

When the draft is ready to be submitted, references must also be checked thoroughly before submission, checking for references include many steps. First of all, check whether each of the information that is not from personal opinion or a personal narrative or idea and is rather taken from some secondary source is cited within the text of the essay too. Whether the information coming from the primary source or secondary source is in the form of direct quotations or is paraphrased, it must be cited within the text when it is mentioned to the readers.

The second thing to be checked is that for each in-text citation, is there a corresponding detailed entry in the final reference list of bibliography that is given usually at the end of the essay? When all in-text and at the end of the essay reference list has been checked for each piece of information, the next thing to be checked is that the references and citations are in the correct format as required by the instructor or publisher. For instance, if APA is the recommended citation style, then all in-text citations and reference list entries must be rechecked for their correct APA formatting and ordering.

Argumentation and structure of the Essay

The next thing that shall be considered before submitting the final essay is to ensure that the essay is in the correct form and provides the proper flow of argumentation and supporting details. A general structure of the essay is that a thesis statement that is the crux of the essay is provided at the end of the introductory paragraph. Each of the body paragraphs then starts with a topic sentence that elaborates and supports that thesis sentence.

Henceforth, while submitting the essay make sure that the thesis statement that is firm, clear, arguable, and concise is presented at the end of the introduction, each paragraph starts with the topic statement, provides a couple of supporting sentences along with the evidence to back the topic sentence. Lastly, the conclusion shall reiterate the thesis sentence and also summarize each of the body paragraphs briefly, the best way to end the conclusion of the give a call to action. Therefore, the writer and any essay writer online about to submit an essay must ensure that the structure and organization of the essay are proper and accurate.

Choosing a publisher

If the essay is a part of the undergraduate program, then this step can be skipped. However, an essay or paper written to be published somewhere needs to go through this step before it is submitted. Selecting the right publisher is often a tricky task for an essay writer. The best way to select a correct and relevant journal, magazine, and publisher is to read the scope and aims of that publisher, and also go through the fields and topics on which the recently published articles, papers, and essays have been written.

Select the journals that best suit the scope of the essay and are relevant to the field in which the essay is written. Generally, the publishers do not accept the papers that are out of the scope however in rare incidents even if the paper or essay is selected. It will be immensely difficult for the readers to reach the essay and hence the readership of the essay will almost be zero. Hence, choosing the publisher wisely is the most important post-writing task that must be given due attention before the essay is submitted.

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