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Common Mistakes In Abstract Writing

Drawing up an author's abstract and providing it to officials is an important part of the dissertation defense procedure. However, some applicants make typical mistakes instead of going to get their abstract done quickly. The following are the most common ones:

  1. Sometimes the authors of dissertations, preparing an abstract, try to influence those who will subsequently become acquainted with it. At the same time, they emphasize some aspects of their work and obscure others. In fact, this approach is unacceptable, because a separate conclusion is drawn up on how objectively the abstract reflects the essence of the dissertation.

  2. It must be remembered that it is forbidden to enter information into the abstract that was not given in the dissertation work.

  3. Some authors draw up a document with an incorrectly formatted bibliographic list or do not indicate it at all. This may be the reason that the author will not be allowed to defend.

  4. When writing an author's abstract, it is necessary to take into account in which dissertation council it must be presented. If this has not been done, then the chances of successfully passing the defense are reduced.

A few tips for working with the abstract

Writing an author's abstract is a crucial part of working on a dissertation. You can skip it by paying guys over on college essay writing service if you want, but it still has to be done. To make the work on this document more effective, you can use the following tips:

  1. To work on a document, you can use the abstracts of such dissertations that have already been defended as samples.

  2. Reducing the volume of the text is an important issue. The use of abbreviations plays an important role in this. To do this, you need to use those that are recommended by standards. You also need to pay attention to the correct choice of the size of the figures, diagrams and drawings, as well as their location on the page.

  3. Scientific accuracy is important for the style of the text, but care must be taken to ensure that the wording is not unnecessarily dry and complex. As a result of reading the author's abstract, a person should understand what was said without additional clarifications.

  4. In the introduction, it is necessary to focus on how relevant the subject of the dissertation is for science and what exactly is its novelty.

  5. It is necessary to indicate a bibliographic list of used books and scientific publications. It should be done in the same sequence as the one presented in the dissertation. First, you must indicate a monograph on this topic, then legal documents, works written by the founders.

  6. The writing of the abstract should be focused on the dissertation council that will consider it. You need to try to get to know the requirements better before contracting experts, so find those abstracts that have received the approval of the council and have been accepted. When compiling your document, you can take into account those features that were inherent in successful examples.

  7. It should be borne in mind that the defense of the dissertation and the writing of the abstract must correspond to the passport of the corresponding specialty. It is recommended that when drafting the document, use wording that meets the requirements specified in it.

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