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We, Tony and Leen, along with our daughters, Ruby and Julia, live in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, specifically Media, Delaware County.  We believe that life is about relationships and community. This is why back in 2017 we founded Live Love Media, and after seeing its positive impact on the local community, we expanded its reach by creating Live Love Locale, and in particular Live Love Delco. What fuels our drive to focus on the community is embedded in our history, and lives. To learn more, watch this podcast interview in which Tony goes into the depth of his life story and childhood, and shares how Live Love Media (Live Love Locale, Live Love Delco), was born. 

At Live Love Locale we believe that life is more meaningful, fulfilling, and empowering when our connections with the local community run deep and strong. We believe in conversations that last, and in-person activities that make us put our hands together, literally and figuratively. We believe that our compassion and care for our neighbors include celebrating their highs, and being there for them on their lows. Therefore, at Live Love Locale we capture the beauty and uniqueness of our locale by sharing the stories of residents, volunteers, and non-profits who make a difference in the community. Most importantly, Live Love Locale highlights, and creates events and opportunities where community members can get to know each other through conversations, acts of service, and a variety of constructive gatherings. Do our beliefs align? If yes, we would love to hear from you by contacting us below, and staying connected.

Meet the Founders,

Tony and Leen Salloum

Join us in Empowering Community Connections

Join us in
Empowering Community Connections

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